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Groups contributing to the architecture and use of the Internet
Courtesy of Computerworld

[ An Internet Tutorial - Microsoft Corporation ]

  1. A Beginner's Guide to HTML
  2. Ask Dr. Internet
  3. Beginners Central - "Our purpose here will be to walk you through your beginning steps on the help you bring order to the chaos."
  4. Beginner's Luck - helpful resources for the Internet novice.
  5. Best Bets for Navigating the Internet - Tips for Beginners
  6. Books, Tutorials and Hint Sheets for Internet Learning
  7. BrowserWatch - Update your browser
  8. Cheltenham Computer Training - Download and preview complete PC training courses for FREE
  9. Choosing an Internet Service Provider - Basic advice on how to choose an Internet Service Provider
  10. Computer and Internet Books - FREE OnLine Editions
  11. Creative Good: Help Pages - 'We're on a mission to make the Internet easier to use'
  12. Cyber Course
  13. Dr. Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access
  14. E-Mail Guide
  15. Explore the Net - introductory information on and links to Usenet, FTP, Gophers, Email, Listservs, IRC, WAIS, the Web, HTML, Search Engines, FAQs and more.
  16. FAQ Finder 
  17. FAQ World Wide Web
  18. Finding Quality on the Internet
  19. Finding People on the Internet
  20. Global Village Internet Tour
  21. Glossary of Internet Terms
  22. Guides, Research and FAQs - PCComputing Magazine 
  23. The History of the Internet
  24. History of the Internet and the WWW
  25. How to Find People's E-mail Addresses
  26. How to Shop for an Internet Service Provider
  27. Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center
  28. Inter-Network Mail Guide
  29. Internet Beginner's Guides: Online Courses - Courtesy of Yahoo
  30. Internet Errors Explained
  31. Internet Explained - UK Online
  32. Internet Glossary
  33. Internet Help Desk, The
  34. Internet Information Center
  35. Internet Resources
  36. Internet Scambusters
  37. InternetUser - PC Magazine 
  38. Internet Web Text
  39. Kitty Locker's Introduction to the Web - introduces university students to the Web, with links for research tools, designing web pages, job hunting, organizations, writers' resources, and more.
  40. Learn The Net
  41. Matt's 5 Minute Guide to the Internet
  42. Netiquette Home Page
  43. Net Lingo
  44. Net Nanny - "The best way to protect your children and free speech"
  45. net.TUTOR - lessons you can take covering such topics as: Getting Started on the Web; E-Mail Basics; Make the Most of Your Browser; Searching 101; Evaluation of Web Sites; and Smart Net Research Strategies
  46. New (and Old) User's Guide to Net, The
  47. Newbie.NET
  48. Newbie -U - teaches new users all about the Internet, including FTP, e-mail, Usenet, IRC, and Web surfing
  49. Roadmap96 Workshop - Roadmap96 is a free, text-based, 27 lesson Internet training workshop designed to teach new "Net travellers" how to travel around the rapidly expanding (and often-times confusing) "Information Superhighway" without getting lost.
  50. Surf School - Yahoo Internet Life
  51. Tutorials
  52. Un-official Internet Book List, The
  53. Usenet Info Center Launch Pad - "Help with Usenet"
  54. Viewer Test Page
  55. Web Hosting FAQ
  56. WebNovice
  58. Webguardian
  59. Web Toolz Magazine
  60. Web Words - definitions of commonly used Internet terms.
  61. Welcome Newbie- Our purpose is to introduce newbies to the Internet. Explanations and links are given to netiquette, e-mail, FAQs, etc.
  62. - Hyper-linked definitions of more than 1,000 Internet and computer related terms
  63. Who Is - InterNIC - The InterNIC's Whois service provides a way of finding e-mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers of those who have registered "objects" with the InterNIC. Using Whois, you can also determine whether the domain name you desire is already in use; you can learn who administers a particular site; and you can view a list of a site's name servers.
  64. World Wide Web Home - where it all started...
  65. Zen and the Art of the Net - Full text of this classic book about the Internet and how to negotiate, navigate, and live to tell about it. A must read for all Net 'newbies.'


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