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  1. 4Kids Treehouse- a fun place for kids and parents. Things you will find include - movies, cartoons, space, places, and animals.
  2. Angela and Rebekah's Web Site - Unusally rich site maintained by 10 year old twin sisters
  3. the @rt room - bring your crayons, construction paper and glue.
  4. Aurthor Corner, The - a place for students in the middle grades (Grades 3-8) to meet Mid-Atlantic authors and illustrators of children's books
  5. Berit's Best Sites for Children - Fun and educational sites for kids are screened, rated, annotated, and organized by topic.
  6. - the SuperSite for Kids
  7. Book Nook - book reviews written for kids, by kids
  8. Buddy's SUPER Home Page - "A great place for kids, but adults have fun here too!"
  9. Carlos' Coloring Book
  10. Children's Accessing Controversial Internet Information
  11. Children's Express
  12. Children's Literature Web Guide
  13. Children's Museum - San Francisco Exploratorium
  14. Children's Page, The
  15. Cocoa
  16. Connect-Time Magazine
  17. CyberKids - "Kids'll Love It!"

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  1. Dinosauria Online - reference information, drawings, articles, maps and links to other sites about dinosaurs

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  1. GusTown- hosted by Gus and the CyberBuds. The site is chock full of fun learning activities, games and the ever-popular CyberBud Club.
  2. Ingenius - children-focused multimedia company.
  3. Interesting Places For Kids
  4. Internet for Kids

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  1. Just for Kids
  2. KidCity Virtual Village
  3. KidLink
  4. Kids Connect @ California Libraries
  5. Kid Info - starting point which allows students, teachers, and parents to spend quality time on the web.
  6. Kids on the Internet
  7. Kids on the Web
  8. KidsCom - A Communication Playground for Kids Ages 8 - 14
  9. Kids' Money - A resource for parents interested in helping their children develop successful money management habits and financial responsibility
  10. Kids' Places - Safe kids places on the web, for kids of all ages. Chocolates, sports, dinosaurs, animals, magazines, Space, Art and more! 
  11. Kid's Shareware
  12. Kids' Space
  13. KidSurf Online
  14. Kidworld - A meeting place for all kids under 16, where they can exchange artwork, writing, and ideas.
  15. Kids' World
  16. Little Explorers - a website that lets preschoolers and elementary school students surf the web easily. Children use a picture dictionary format to link to over 400 carefully chosen, fun educational activities
  17. MCA Kid's Playroom - Have fun with Babe, Caspar, Timmy the Tooth and the rest
  18. Maddy Mayhem's Kid's Stuff! - lots of fun kid's links. A safe web site for children. Links to penpal connections, fun sites, and more.
  19. Mudball

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  1. National Geographic Pirates
  2. Nucleus Kids' Page - fun and interesting sites for Kids.
  3. Neuroscience for Kids
  4. Planet Oasis - designed for ages 8-15. 3D city with clickable images pointing to some of the best sites on the web.
  5. Planet Zoom

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  1. React - The Magazine Where Teens Make News
  2. Science and Nature for Kids - The Mining Company
  3. Star Child

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  1. ThinkQuest
  2. Time for Kids
  3. Virgin Sound and Vision - the kid's place in space

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  1. WWW Roller Coaster Compendium
  2. White House for Kids
  3. Yahooligans! - Yahoo!'s new web guide for kids.
  4. You Can With Beakman and Jax
  5. Yuckiest Site on the Internet, The

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